Sunday, March 24, 2013

Study Abroad in Mexico

For my junior year May Term, I studied abroad in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Here is more about my experience:
"Illinois Wesleyan's unique May Term experience allowed me to study abroad in Mexico through an independent study program. I studied at la Universidad Internacional in Cuernavaca, Mexico in a language immersion program. Not only did I gain confidence, fluency, and friends, but I also gained a lifetime of cultural experiences. Cuernavaca is called the city of eternal springtime because of its yearlong mild climate and its gorgeous scenery. Its European charm and Mexican warmth make it a safe and inviting town where international students interact freely with Mexican students and locals. At la Universidad Internacional, classes are made of no more than five students, and students can choose to take classes such as Hispanic short stories, art, history, and grammar. By going through Illinois Wesleyan University's Study Abroad Program, I pre-approved my credits to transfer Spanish credits for my Hispanic Studies minor and a literature general education flag. Traveling to Cuernavaca allowed me to meet people from Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, and Japan! After school activities run by the university gave me an opportunity to learn salsa dancing, play soccer with the locals, cook Mexican food, and even learn capoeira, the Brazilian martial art. Each weekend, the school sponsors guided trips to various places in Mexico: Mexico City, Acapulco, Taxco, Teotihuacan, Mayan temples, the hacienda de Cortes, and more! Thanks to my experience at Illinois Wesleyan University, I know I will succeed as a nurse with cultural experience, fluency in Spanish, and a highly regarded degree from the School of Nursing."

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