Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Surgery In Guatemala

It's always fun trying to explain in Spanish that the reason you can't feel your legs or move them is that you had spinal anesthesia. Most patients are just confused as to why the cant feel them even after lots of explanation- but to be fair no one really remembers much after surgery.

The first two days of surgery went well- some surgeries ended late but dinner was saved for us PACU nurses. Lots of fun is had by all helping patients, translating... And trying to preform surgery without power!! Yes the power went out two or three times yesterday and today.

Pictures in no order: Margaret walking to the hospital, a little girl after surgery with Aunt Toni, patients waiting to pay for surgery, me in front of the arch in Antigua.

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  1. Alissa - it looks like you're doing amazing things! Don't think I'm weird... can you send me the wifi password? I got an iphone and am trying to set things up.

    Don't hurry home - Guatemala seems way more cool!